Ways to make the photo be about what it is about, and not about anything else. This, I believe, is the most fundamental composition technique. This is a goal to achieve in an image, a way to think about what is and isn’t working in images.

Most beginner photographers will find their best images exemplify subject isolation.

Make your image such that it is an image of one thing, and strongly of that thing.

Ways to achieve subject isolation:

  • Get closer
  • Make it bigger
  • Cut the clutter
  • Deemphasize the background (blurriness or clean)
  • Use the rule of thirds
  • Try a blurry background (via depth of field or motion blur or just go somewhere blurry)
  • Break a pattern
  • Make it more saturated
  • Make it’s color unique
  • Make it contrastier

In other words, manipulate image properties to bring attention to the subject and away from everything else.