Lets learn photography!

This guide was originally written to be a front-to-back pamphlet. This turns out to be a terrible way to learn photography. Every time I tried to order things, or put them in a hierarchy, it just didn’t work.

Thinking back to how I have most succesfully taught photography - converationally - I restructured the guide entirely. Splitting it into smaller articles that you can click around through. More wikipedia-hole, less chapter-by-chapter. That’s the idea, anyway.

So go learn everything, all at once. Forget half of it. Repeat.

In addition to the direct guides, I also have several ‘examinations’, which picks apart a certain photographic prinicple and demonstrates how various artists have experimented on this principles axis. Studies like this are a great way to fully wrap one’s head about any given principle.

This content was written as a compainion to the Pragmatic Photography course at Carnegie Mellon University, under the IDEATE program.

Written by Hugh ‘Smokey’ Huntington Dyar IV. He’s a professional photographer and educator. He completed his masters of emerging media from carnegie mellon in 2017.

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